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    FIREFLIX Fire Resistant Instrumentation & Data Cables

    In all fire disasters, fire smoke, heat and toxic fumes are the main obstacles to safe evacuation of a building or area. A major contribution towards overcoming these hazards is the use of fire resistant and non-halogenated cables.

    Caledonian fire resistant cables, branded under Fireflix, provide the following features:

    Fire resistance

    Long-term circuit integrity in a fire

    Minimum smoke emission flame retardance

    Reduced fire propagation

    Zero halogen

    Fireflix cables are mainly used in the wiring of :

    Fire resistant safety circuits

    Public address and emergency voice communication systems in high-rise building

    Control and instrumentation services in industrial, commercial and residential complexes

    High-temperature installation conditions

    Cable Construction

    Fireflix cables have been developed to maintain circuit integrity in a fire and to ensure maximum safe evacuation of personnel with no detrimental effects like toxic gases or smoke.

    Fireflix cables are constructed in the following typical design :

    Solid/stranded annealed copper conductor

    Glass mica tape/silicone rubber as flame barrier

    XLPC/silicone rubber as insulation LSZH/flame retardant PVC as sheath

    Fireflix cables are offered in either single core, multicore or multi-pair constructions. The insulation material can be elastomeric(EPR, SR), thermosetting (XLPE, LSZH) or thermoplastic (EVA, PVC) to meet different stringent environment requirement. The cables may be armoured or braided, with or without metallic screen, depending on different applications. caledonian can provide PE, PU, PVC, SHF1, SHF2 or LSZH materials as outer sheath for different applications.

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