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    ProfiNet Type B

    • ProfiNet Type B, Bus Cables

    Application and Description

    Industrial Ethernet ProfiNet cables are designed to provide reliable network communications in the demanding Industrial and Process Control environment where difficult EMC conditions are pervasive. Conforming to the EIA/TIA-568 standard, These Cables support half-duplex high speed communications.It ensures superior transmission properties and can be used even under most severe conditions.


    Type/Area of Application Mobile Use
    Cable Construction 2x2x0.64 mm (stranded) + 4x1.5 mm2
    Inner Conductor Diameter 1 Copper, tinned (AWG 22/7)
    Inner Conductor Diameter 2 Copper, bare (AWG 16/84)
    Conductor Insulation 1 Foam-Skin-PE
    Conductor Insulation 2 Foam-Skin-PE
    Conductor Colors 1 white, yellow, blue, orange
    Conductor Colors 2 Black
    Stranding Element Double Conductor
    Wrapping Polyester foil over stranded bundle
    Shielding Polyester foil, aluminum lined
    Total Shielding Polyester foil
    Outer Jacket Material FRNC
    Outer Diameter 10.3 mm ± 0.3 mm
    Outer Jacket Color Green

    Electrical Data

    Characteristic Impedance@1-100 MHz 100 Ω ± 15 Ω
    Conductor Resistance 60.0 Ohm/km max.
    Insulation Resistance 0.50 GOhm x km min.
    Mutual Capacitance 52.0 nF/km nom.
    Working Voltage 300V
    Test Voltage 1.5 KV
      10 MHz 6.3 dB/100m
    Attenuation 16 MHz 8.0 dB/100m
      62.5 MHz 16.5 dB/100m
      100 MHz 21.3 dB/100m

    Technical Data

    Weight approximately 153.0 kg/km
    Min. Bending Radius for Laying 10 x OD mm
    Operating Temperature Range, min. -40 °C
    Operating Temperature Range, max. +70 °C
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