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    Foundation Fieldbus ISA/SP-50 High Speed

    • Foundation Fieldbus ISA/SP-50 High Speed, Bus Cables

    Application and Description

    Foundation™ Field bus is used in intrinsically area,especially in the field of Process Automation.A single pair 22AWG Bi-Directional digital Fieldbus cable for type B applications (31.25 KBits/sec) are available in PVC, LSHF and SWA versions. Anti-termite and anti-vermin foundation fieldbus cable is also available.


    Type Foundation Fieldbus ISA/SP-50 High Speed
    Inner Conductor Tinned copper conductors 22(7)AWG 0.34mm^2
    Conductor Insulation Foamed polyolefin
    Stranding Element -
    Shielding Aluminium /polyester foil
    Drain Wire (22AWG) tinned copper
    Outer Jacket Material PVC
    Core Identification White & Black
    Sheath Colour Orange

    Electrical Data

    Characteristic Impedance@1MHz 150 Ω±10 Ω
    Conductor resistance 56.0Ohm/km @ 20°C
    Working Voltage 300V
    Test Voltage 1.5KV
    Attenuation 39 MHz < 3 dB/km

    Technical Data

    Weight approximately 65 kg/km/ 287 kg/km(SWA)
    Min. Bending Radius (Laying) 15 x OD mm
    Operating Temp.Range, min. - 25 °C
    Operating Temp.Range, max. +80 °C
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