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    Company Profile

    With over hundreds of different cabling system products, Caledonian Cables offers one of the most complete lines of fiber and copper cabling system solutions. Our superior product performance, backed by an extensive list of value-added services, provide leading edge within every cable series and for every application.

    Caledonian Cables offers her customers Top Quality; Technical expertise; Reasonable Prices & Short Delivery Time. These qualities have contributed to the growing number of satisfied customers and intensive global activities in the cable business.

    At Caledonian Cables, our most important values are excellence, quality and performance. Be it state of the art systems development, quality distribution services, global technical training and support services or our acclaimed warranty programs, CALEDONIAN CABLES is committed to providing the best values to our customers.

    Among the national and international standards with which our cables could comply are: BS - British Standard; LPCB Fire Performance Standard, ISO Standard etc.,

    Caledonian Cables offers a comprehensive stock of cables and cabling products through its nationwide network of resellers and distributors.

    Over the years, Caledonian Cables has steadily expanded its stock of warehouses and is continually extending the scope of its cable business with its worlewide customers and partners. Caledonian Cables has continually expanded its global presence in Europe and Asia, with head offices in Lewes, England. Caledonian has offices in West Sussex, England; Nevada, United States; Milano, Italy and Burnaby, Canada, supported by the warehouse in England and United States.

    Caledonian also has offices in Asia, including Singapore in SE Asia, Shanghai and Hong Kong in China and Tokyo, Japan. These sales offices are supported a recently expanded warehouse in China and Singapore.

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