Mining Cable  


Mining Cable

      (N)TSCGEWOEU Medium-Voltage Trailing Cable With Anti-Torsion Braid


Mining cables are used for the connection of electrical equipment, in minesand underground excavations with hazardousenvironments under particularly high mechanical loads,e.g. high-voltage transformers on power lines inunderground mining and tunnelling.


Based on VDE 0250 Part 813


(N)TSCGEWOEU Medium-Voltage Trailing Cable With Anti-Torsion Braid

Conductors: Flexible stranded copper conductor, class 5 according to DIN VDE 0295.

Inner Conductor Layer: Special rubber compound, conductive.

Insulation: Rubber type 3GI3.

Outer Conductor Layer:Special rubber compound, conductive, easy strippable.

Earth Conductor: Spiral of tinnedcopper wires.

InnerSheath: Rubber type GM1b.

Reinforcement:Polyester anti-torsion braidbetween the jackets embedded.

Dimensions and Weight


Number of Cores×Nominal Cross Section Minimium Overall Diameter Maximum Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
No.×mm² mm mm kg/km
3×150+3×70/3E 73.0 78.0 10150