Addison Cabling System

With over hundreds of different cabling & networking products, Addison offers one of the most complete lines of fiber and copper cabling solutions.  Our superior product performances, backed by an extensive list of value-added services, provide leading edge within every cable series and for every application.


Addison Surveillance System

ADDISON Technology position herself as a professional video surveillance system manufacturer. Operating from the largest manufacturing complex of the CCTV products in the world, ADDISON has a complete offering of gun cameras, speed domes, IR cameras, wireless cameras, network camera s, matrix systems, digital video recorders and many other video security products in the never-ending pursuit of achieving 100-percent satisfaction for her customers.


Addison Electrical System

Addison Technology Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of household electrical appliances. The Group presently manufactures over 150 models of electrical appliances including faceplates, switchers, electric lamps, plug sockets, socket (US style or French style), and distribution boxes, etc. Major markets include Europe, North America, Asia, South America.


Caledonian Cables

Addison cabling system originated as a cabling solution produced and marketed by Caledonian Cables International Ltd. Caledonian specialize in the manufacture of a wide range of cables. Armoured, non armoured, underwater and overhead cables are produced to international quality standards or composite construction to customers’ specification incorporating other services when required.