BS 6883&BS7917 STANDARD Offshore & Marine Cables 
LV Flame Retardant Power & Control Cables

 Cores Identification

Insulation Colour Scheme

MV cables

Single core

 Natural colour of the compound

Three core

Coloured tape or thread (e.g.: red - yellow - blue)

0.6/1 kV Power and Control Cables

According to BS 6883/BS 7917


1 core

Red or Black

White and numbered

2 cores

Red - Black

White and numbered

3 cores

Red - Yellow - Blue

White and numbered

4 cores

Red - Yellow - Blue - Black

White and numbered

Above 4 cores

black numbers on white background


150/250 V Instrumentation Cables


Black - White


Black - White - Red


Black - White - Red - Blue

Pairs/Triples/Quads are numbered with numbers printed directly on the insulated conductors (1-1; 2-2; …) or buy numbered tape

Outer Sheath Standard Colours

MV power and control


LV power and control


Instrumentation and control


Other colours available on request