Marine, OIL,GAS & Petrochemical Cables 

British Standard Shipwiring cables to BS 6883

Unarmoured flexible screened instrumentation cables

Unarmoured flexible screened instrumentation cables

Manufactured in both pairs and triples these 150/250V instrumentation cables provide collective or individual screening through the use of metallic foils and drain wires. Offering good flexibility for installation in confined spaces or where difficult routing is necessary these cables are ideal where no additional mechanical protection is required.


Core Identification

Pairs : Each pair black, white and numbered
Triples :  

Each triple black, white, red and numbered

(Alternative colour codes are available)

Technical Information

Voltage rating 150/250V
Conductors Tinned, BS6360 class 2 or class 5
Temperature rating +90°C maximum conductor temperature
Static temperature rating -30°C to +90°C
Bending radius (static) 8 x cable O/D
Flame retardant IEC60332 part 3A, BS4066 part 3A