Belden Equivalent Cables

Belden Equivalent Cables

Multipair Overall Foil & Braid Screened Cables

Multipair Overall Screened Armoured Cables-Belden Equivalent 26503


These multipair overall screened armoured cables provide excellent protections. They are ACIC armoured cables, used as instrumentation cables.


Conductor: Tinned copper wire.

Insulation: XLPE.

Overall Screen: Aluminium/Polyester tape.

Drain Wire: 18 AWG (7X26) tinned copper wire.

Inner Sheath: FR PVC.

Armour: Steel wire armour

Outer Sheath: FR PVC

Insulation Colour: Black/Red and Numbered 1, Black/White and Number 2, Black/Green and
Number 3, Black/Blue and Number 4. Other colours are available upon your request.

Electrical & Mechanical Characteristics

AWG   6
Conductor Construction   7x24
Nominal Conductor DC Resistance @20℃ Ω/km 14
Nominal Outer Shield DC Resistance @ 20℃ Ω/km 13
Voltage Rating V 300
Bending Radius   11xOverall Diameter
Operating Temperature -40~90


Ordering Code No. of pairs Insulation Thickness Sheath Thickness Overall Diameter
    mm mm mm
BE1126503V SWA 4 0.7 1.7 21.8