September 1978

The Birth of Caledonian. After restructuring, the cabling system division of Addison Cables Ltd spins out to form an independent entity to produce cabling system products

January 1996

Caledonian develops her first Cat 5 cables and in the following year the Cat 5e cables.

June 1998

With the deregulation of telephone companies, Addison begins to supply PCM telephone cables and some modular products to operating and telecommunications companies. Caledonian introduces the Telephone accessories for high-performance copper networks.

Caledonian introduced SOHO System for data market.

June 1999

Caledonian high performance Category 6 cables developed for the Cat 6 standard which is under drafting by the EIA/TIA committee.

The new Multimedia Faceplate provides a solution for complex high performance cabling systems requirements, allowing different fibre adapters and data jacks to work together.

September 1999

Caledonian Shielded Cat 6 cables are launched. Both single shielded and double shielded version are developed for achieving the best performance of the system.

November 2000

Caledonian, our first international operation, opens in Hong Kong, which takes care of all the export activities and OEM manufacturing business.

June 2000

Caledonian announces the launch of both single mode and multimode fiber optic channel solutions developed to facilitate advanced network requirements. This offers horizontal, backbone and campus solutions that guarantee high-speed performance and network longevity.

November 2000

Caledonian LSOH cables are introduced as the newest addition to the normal PVC product line to provide a safe, secure environment for the servers and active devices. Caledonian sets a precedent in the industry with the introduction of a complete Unshielded Category 6 system that is channel compliant with the standard.

February 2001

Seeking new markets, Caledonian expands its International operations:
· Caledonian China opens in Shanghai.
· Our second China operation is formed in Shantong for supervising OEM manufacturing business in China.
· Caledonian opens Sales office in the USA for the American markets.
· Caledonian receives UL approval for all her Cat 5, Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables.

June 2001

Caledonian launch out her OMS system for Category 5e and Category 6 channel solution for both unshielded and shielded system. Caledoniann launched the Matrix 5e and Matrix 6 System for high performance data networks. Caledonian, in alliance with many partners, introduced OMS second generation which is a fully compliant Category 6 cabling solution that delivers maximum network performance and channel capacity.

June 2002

Caledonian launched out her first OM3 fibre system, a high performance fiber optic structured cabling system featuring the broadest selection of interconnect options available, is introduced. Caledonian introduces her new line of fiber optic cables and assemblies that are compliant to TIA/EIA-568-B.3-1 in support of IEEE 802.3ae, 10 Gigabit Ethernet

September 2002

Caledonian announced the introduction of another new product of the UTP cables conforming to the fire propagation IEC 332-3C, LSOH standard ( IEC 754 and IEC 1034 ) and fire resistance standard ( IEC 331 ), an evolutionary advancement in data cables that is the first completely fire standards compliant line in the market today.

February 2003

Caledonian is planning to introduce intelligent structured cabling solutions with partnership with iTRACS, including Category 6 and 5e patch panels, patch cords. Caledonian solutions can be deployed with iTRACS Real-time Network Monitoring Software to speed problem resolution, simplify change control, and reduce IT management costs, thus allowing corporations to improve network service levels by automatically documenting network topology and moves, adds and changes (MACs) and by identifying port connectivity problems in real time.

August 2003

-Caledoniann opens sales office in Japan for the Japanese markets.
·Caledonian opens sales office in Philippine.