Spiral Cables

PUR Spiral Cables

PUR Spiral Cables

PUR Spiral Cables - Black ,Orange

Application:Machine Construction ,Electrical Tools ,Building Industry ,Handling Equipment ,Entertainment


Temperature range:-25°C to +70°C

Test voltage:2000/2500 V

Expansion ratio 1:4:straight ends 200/200

Nominal voltage:H05BQ-F 300/500 V (up to 1 mm²) , H07BQ-F 450/750 V (from 1.5 mm²)

Cable Construction:Plain copper conductor, fine wire stranded to DIN VDE 0295 cl. 5 ,EPDM conductor insulation ,

VDE-approved cable ,PUR outer jacket ,Color

PUR Electronic Spiral -Cables

Application:Control technology use

Temperature range:-25°C to +70°C

Test voltage:2000 V

Expansion ratio 1/4:straight ends 200/200

Nominal voltage:300 V (up to 0.14 mm²) ,500 V (from 0.25 mm²)

Cable Construction :Bare copper, fine wire conductor to VDE 0295 cl. 6 ,TPE-E conductor insulation ,

Conductoridentification to DIN 47100 ,Conductors stranded in layers ,PUR outer jacket ,Color black