Rolling Stock Cables
EN 50264 EN 50306 EN 50382 Databus Cables NF F 63-826 NF F 63-808 NF F 63-827 RSE/STD/024 PART 6

 Chinese Standard Rolling Stock Cables

Low Smoke Halogen Free Flame Retardant Rolling Stock Multicore Jumper Cables
WDZ-DCKT-P-125 750V 10×2×1.25+30×1.25

Application :

-Used as power and control cable for protected installations inside and outside of rail and transport vehicles, where handling and installation cost are an important factor.
-Used in control, auxillary and main circuit wiring such as cable harnesses, switchboards and control panels, driver desks etc.

Construction :

Single Conductors
Tinned copper wires with low smoke halogen free flame retardant insulation and single wrapping.
Twisted Pairs
Consisted of tinned copper wires, low smoke halogen free flame
retardant insulation, wrapping, screen and low smoke halogen free
flame retardant sheath
Fiber Braid
Outer Sheath
Low smoke halogen free flame retardant compound

 WDZ-DCKT-P-125 750V 10×2×1.25+30×1.25

Electrical & Mechanical Properties :

Nominal Voltage 750V
Long-term Working Temperature 125°C
Lowest Operation Temperature -25°C
Minimum Bending Radius 6 x Overall Diameter

Fire Performance :

Flame Retardant GB/T 18380.1-2001; GB/T 18380.3-2001 C
Low Corrosivity (Acidity & Conductivity) GB/T17650.1-1998; GB/T17650.2-1998
Halogen Free GB/T17650.1-1998; GB/T17650.2-1998
Low Smoke GB/T17651.1-1998; GB/T17651.2-1998


Number of conductor×Nominal Cross-Sectional
Conductor Construction Nominal Insulation
Inner Sheath
Nominal Sheath
Nominal Overall
Maximum Conductor Resistance
mm² No/mm mm mm mm mm Ω/km
10×2×1.25+30×1.25 10×2×50/0.18+30×50/0.18 0.7 0.8 3.3 49 15.5