Cables for Oil Industry

   600V/1000V XLPE Insulated Galvanized Steel Tape Armored Cable with Lead Cover to IEC 60502-1

These cables are used for electricity supply in low voltage installation system. They are suitable for
installation in indoors and outdoors, in cable ducts, under ground, in power and switching stations, local
energy distributions, industrial plants, where require hydrocarbon and mechanical protections. The lead
sheath brings an enhanced resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon.

Conductor: Solid or stranded copper
Insulation: XLPE
Core identification
1 Core: Red or Black
2 Cores: Red, Black
3 Cores: Red, Yellow, Blue
4 Cores: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black
5 Cores: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green
Above 5 cores: Black core printed with white numbers
Inner sheath: PVC
Lead cover
Bedding: Paraffin-waxed crepe paper
Armor: Galvanized steel tapes or aluminum tapes for 1 core cable
Sheath: Special PVC. Color: black

Rated voltage: 600V/1000V
Fire retardance: IEC 60332-3-22
Operating temperature: -20~60°C
Max. conductor operating temperature: 90°C
Chemical resistance: Aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon resistance

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